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LED Safety Light - 3 Pack (40% OFF Today)
LED Safety Light - 3 Pack (40% OFF Today)
LED Safety Light - 3 Pack (40% OFF Today)
LED Safety Light - 3 Pack (40% OFF Today)
LED Safety Light - 3 Pack (40% OFF Today)
LED Safety Light - 3 Pack (40% OFF Today)
LED Safety Light - 3 Pack (40% OFF Today)

LED Safety Light - 3 Pack (40% OFF Today)

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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Always be ready for that roadside emergency by equipping your vehicle with our LED road flares. 

GUARANTEED SAFETY FOR EVERY VEHICLE: A real life-saver in case of a water accident, capsizing or similar emergency, our LED beacons are a must have for all cars, SUVs, Jeeps, motorcycles, bicycles and marine boats, plus, they are small enough to pack and fit anywhere!

WATERPROOF, CRUSHPROOF & MAGNETIC: Leave your safety flares in the pouring rain or run them over with your car - they're built to last! Plus, industrial strength rare-earth magnets will keep your roadside safety discs secured to the side of your truck or RV.

BEWARE OF DISCOUNT BATTERIES: We recommend Energizer Max or Duracell Copper Top AAA batteries because they are guaranteed never to corrode inside the electronic device, rendering them useless when you need them urgently. 

THE MOST THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA: If you have a friend who’s a keen camper, boater, hunter, bicyclist or hiker, then you couldn’t possibly think of a better gift idea for their birthday or similar special occasion! Our maintenance-free safety flares will show your friend or family member how much you really care for their safety and well-being.

DEPENDABLE SAFETY OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Try out the Garage Monkey bright LED flares and if you are not 110% thrilled with their function, simply get in touch with us and we’ll send your money back. 

Ultra bright, tough, compact and lightweight the 1TAC Emergency Safety Discs are the most powerful, universal and dependable emergency safety light tool on the market. The light offers 15 LED emitters with a lamp lifespan of 100,000 hours. It boasts a Magnetic Base and a Utility Clip for hands free use. There are 9 light flashing modes including a Work Lantern mode for changing a tire, working on the engine or just to see your way through the dark. Shock, crush, water proof and dust resistant. Digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness. Operate all light modes from one switch for ease of use.

Product Dimensions 3 pack disc set, each 3.9x3.9x1.3"
Product Weight 1.1 lbs (excluding batteries)
LED Emitter 15 Bright LEDs in each disc
Construction High Impact Military Grade Plastic and High-Density Industrial Rubber
Flashlight Modes 9 Emergency Flash Modes including a Work Lantern Mode
Power Source 3 (AAA)
* Batteries not included