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SleepDream ™
SleepDream ™
SleepDream ™
SleepDream ™
SleepDream ™
SleepDream ™

SleepDream ™

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Restless sleep
Neck pain, stiffness or headaches
Waking up in the morning with a pain in the neck is an awful feeling.
Not only does a kink in the neck make it hard to move, sending stabbing pains down the arms or back, it is often the reason for headaches, ranging from dull to migraine level.
Morning neck pain can last all day, and can even be the reason for back aches, sciatica, arm and leg numbness, and usually leaves people feeling irritable and tired. People often blame their mattress when they wake up with neck pain, but it is rarely the fault of the mattress.
A good night’s sleep is dependent on a healthy sleeping position and most importantly a good pillow.
Statistics have shown that fixing sleep positioning with a good, solid neck pain support pillow equated to healing well over 60% of patients reporting to a physical therapist and chiropractor about the neck and back pain.
Our SleepDream™ pillow is the perfect solution that combines soothing comfort and therapeutic cervical spine relief.
Relieves pressure on the necks intervertebral disks by aligning the cervical spine, distributing weight evenly, helping relieve pressure, neck, shoulder, and back stiffness and soreness due to long working days.
Keeps airways aligned and unrestricted to alleviate snoring.
Stress and blood pressure are reduced, cellular damage is repaired, risk factors for disease, obesity, and depression may be reduced. Mood, memory, and concentration are improved.

Traditional Pillows
On your back: With no firm support your head is prone to be pushed forward. Your neck is then stretched out of alignment. This creates neck, back & shoulder pains, plus headaches as well as increasing the chances of snoring.
On your side: Your neck and head are too easily stretched out of alignment because a traditional pillow is not high enough. Also, your spine is not kept level this aggravates neck, back and shoulder problems.
Traditional pillows are often too warm and trap in moisture that can cause odor and bacteria growth.
Our SleepDream™ Pillow
On your back: The ‘Wedge Extension’ supports your upper back correctly. The ‘cervical Contour’ supports your neck properly. The ‘Center cavity’ cradles your head comfortably. This ensures correct spinal alignment and helps reduce snoring.
On your side: Your neck and head are comfortably rested naturally on the raised sides which accommodate the height of your shoulder. This keeps your spine level. The ‘Side Cavity’ is contoured and flexible for extra comfort while you sleep on your side.
Treatment/Prevention of the following injuries:
  •  Neck pain relief
  •  Upper back pain relief
  •  Correct spinal alignment
  •  Reduce Snoring
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Relief
Sleep Dream Material: Made of  breathable memory foam for comfort 
Weight: 0.6 kg
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