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Sokushin™ InsoCare (60% OFF TODAY)
Sokushin™ InsoCare (60% OFF TODAY)
Sokushin™ InsoCare (60% OFF TODAY)
Sokushin™ InsoCare (60% OFF TODAY)

Sokushin™ InsoCare (60% OFF TODAY)

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Relieve Joint & Feet Aches

Neuropathy, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, leg injury, prolonged high heel use, frequent standing or walking – these are just some of the conditions that often result in tired, aching joint and feet.
Constantly experiencing soreness in joint and feet can take a toll on overall health in the long run. If taken lightly, it can lead to chronic illnesses that will ultimately affect the way one walks.
When not able to walk normally it can be frustrating. That’s why it’s better to take care of beloved joint and feet at all times. Thankfully, the Sokushin™ InsoCare is here to help!

The Magic Behind

The Sokushin™ InsoCare is designed with the principles of Sokushindo, an ancient form of alternative treatment focused on the feet which later evolved with the use of Hematite stones. Hematite stones are the oldest known iron oxide mineral, widespread in rocks and soils and have been regarded to possess great healing properties.
The Sokushin™ InsoCare innovatively replicates the effects of reflexology combined with a high level of hematite for magnified healing benefits.

The Amazing Benefits

The Sokushin™ InsoCare is made with natural hematite stones. The overall build targets the plantar acupoints for a deep tissue massage action, providing instant relief from sore joint and feet with every step taken.
Just 5 minutes of use is equivalent to about 30 minutes of run!

 Promotes Detoxification and Proper Blood Circulation

 Improves Metabolism and Liver Function

 Treats Joint and Body Pain

 Prevents Leg Cramps and Stiffness

✔ Relieves Stress and Fatigue

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